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Published: May 19, 2017 8:18 am AST
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Digicel BVI is now stuck between a rock and a hard place, as an even greater percentage of their employees have chosen to take advantage of the company’s Enhanced Voluntary Separation Package (EVSP), severing their affiliation with Digicel Global.

BVI Platinum News understands that the company is now stalling from releasing any other staff at this time, due to the fear of being terribly understaffed.

With a staff count amounting to just over 40 persons, BVI Platinum News also understands that just over 1/3 of the employees applied to take the package and leave the company.

Information reaching BVI Platinum News indicate that with more persons due to leave this month, the company could soon be understaffed, and possibly affected in carrying out the quantity and quality of duties that is accustomed.

Persons waiting approval on their EVSP applications have since received word from the company, apologizing for the length of time already exhausted, as well as asking for more time. The company noted that sometime later this month, information will be provided on the status of each application.

As earlier reported, some of the persons said to be awaiting approval are the Head of the Technical Division, Head of the Products Department, Head of Customer Care, members of the sales team and members of the Finance Department.

Meanwhile, a number of staff members have already cut ties with the company, including the entire marketing team, two members from the retail department and others.

As previously reported by BVI Platinum News, staff members of the local branch were torn between having to decide to voluntarily end their time at the company and take the monetary package for their services rendered thus far, or to ignore the package and allow the company to determine their fate.

According to the breakdown of the payout, staff members who opt to take the package will reportedly receive six weeks pay for one year of completed service, and four weeks pay for additional years, up to year five. Persons who have spent five years and beyond with the company are to receive five weeks pay per year.

Persons will also receive payment for any vacation days accrued and not taken.

With regards to the collection of their severance pay, the company noted that given the nature of the separation package, and the uncapping of the total amount, persons will be paid in two trenches---50% on the pay cycle corresponding with the person’s last day in office, and the remaining 50% on the pay cycle three months after.

Additionally, all employees who leave the company via the EVSP will be offered an opportunity to attend a career advisory session, facilitated by the local HR team or an identified outsource provider.

The EVSP is a part of the company’s global transformation project dubbed ‘Digicel 2030’, which was officially announced earlier this year.

The company noted that throughout 2017, they will revamp their worldwide organizational structure, which will see cuts to its global workforce by a dramatic 25%.

The company intends to undertake a complete re-design of their organizational structure, where they will put customers in control and make a commitment to delivering a superfast network experience.

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